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Many cart based or hand held portable ultrasound machines are now available. Readers are encouraged to compare image quality, purchase price and service support before making a purchase.

Examples of compact, portable point-of-care ultrasound machines are the GE LOGIQ e (Wauwatosa, WI), Philips CX50POC (Bothell, WA), SonoSite M-Turbo (Bothell, WA) and Zonare Ultra SP (Mountain View, CA) machines. The Philips HD 11 XE and Zonare Ultra machine are cart-based system.

Most ultrasound machines have the following components in common:

1. A pulser (transmitter) which generates pulsed echo in brief bursts
2. A transducer which converts electrical energy to acoustic pulses and vice versa
3. A receiver which detects, compresses and amplifies signals
    returning to the transducer
4. A display which displays the signal in the brightness B-mode, the motion
    M-mode and the amplitude A-mode
5. A memory which stores still and video images

All 5 machines have the following features:

1. Compound imaging
2. Color flow Doppler
3. Image recording capability (still images and video)
4. Contrast adjustment (gain control)

BK Medical - flex FocusTM 400 Anesthesia

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The Clearest Image Makes the Clinical Difference

• Premium Performance at 18-2 MHz with Efficiency and Speed
• Very Fast Frame Rates for Superb Temporal Resolution
• Automatic Mode Adjustment (AMA) to Optimize High Resolution B-Mode Imaging when Changing Modes and Depth
• Full 19" High Resolution Monitor
• Up to 4 Hours of Plug-Free Imaging
• Award-Winning Design for Mobility


BK Medical Website

flex FocusTM 400 Anesthesia

Anesthesia Transducers


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GE Healthcare's new LOGIQ e is a compact machine with programmable presets and auto-optimization functions. It has an advanced image acquisition technology feature called CrossXBeam™. This spatial compounding technology can capture multiple images from different angles and then combine them into a singular image in real time. This results in enhancement of anatomical margins, reduction of angular dependence and enhancement of contrast through reduction of speckle and noise.


GE Website

More LOGIQ e Information

Philips CX50POC CompactXtreme Ultrasound System

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Philips, a leader in cutting-edge ultrasound development, has integrated premium, innovative technologies into the new CX50POC system to address the need for premium-class performance in a compact ultrasound system. Images are displayed with exceptional clarity, giving you the ability to easily and confidently visualize the sonoanatomy, quickly find the nerve, and see the needle throughout the procedure. The CX50POC includes new PureWave crystal transducer technology, SonoCT real-time compound imaging, XRES adaptive image processing for speckle reduction, iSCAN one-button image optimization, and Tissue Specific Imaging, specifically designed for Regional Anesthesia.



Philips RAPM Education

Philips RAPM

SonoSite M-Turbo

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SonoSite Website

More M-Turbo Information


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The ultra sp delivers true premium image quality on a large 19" monitor. All in a compact footprint that you can take right to the bedside with a 20-second cold boot-up, a multi-transducer port for quick transducer selection, and the ability to scan unplugged for up to 3 hours - the ultra sp is ready when and where you need it. Along with an intuitive user interface, image optimization button, and commonly used keys within a finger stretch - the ultra sp is easy to use for all clinicians.

ZONARE's patented Zone Sonography™ Technology enables many cutting edge features that make the difficult - easy:

• Auto-Optimize: one touch image optimization
• Nerve imaging presets: customized for each block/procedure
• Beam Steer: shifts beam into needle for better needle visualization
• Infiniti Needle Guide: keeps needle in the scan plane while allowing infinite needle angles
• Zone Sound Speed Compensation: adjusts sound speed to patient's body habitus for improved resolution
• Full screen image on 19" High Definition LCD, on a fully articulating arm
• 3 Hour Battery for uninterrupted use


Zonare Website

Zonare - Ultra SP

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